In 2019, Europe will receive only 900 units of the new Toyota Supra

In 2019, Europe will receive only 900 units of the new Toyota Supra

January 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Only 900 versions of the new generation sports coupe, only 900 Toyota Supra units will be shipped to Europe. The car will be available for purchase in two versions, in addition, in addition, you can buy a special edition Supra A90 Edition with visual updates.

The brand new version of the Japanese legend Toyota GR Supra 2020 model year is one of the most exciting premiere of the Detroit auto show. It is known that the starting price for the next generation sports coupe (A90) will start at $ 49,990 for the United States, but this is not the only market where the new product will be available. As it was possible to learn, for motorists of Europe, only 900 copies of the car will be shipped.

The first to order this model in Europe will receive “some bonuses”, which later cannot be bought with money – that’s exactly what the guys from Toyota said.

Well, the first deliveries are expected in the late summer of 2019. Unfortunately, the brand representatives were silent about the bonuses, saying only that it was about “recognizing their enthusiasm for the return of the legendary Supra”.

In total, two trim levels will be available – Active and Premium, the latter of which will be more luxurious and equipped with features such as black leather seats, a JBL audio system with 12 premium speakers, a head-mounted display and much more. There will also be available and an exclusive performance Supra A90 Edition.

Regardless of the chosen finish, the car will receive a 3.0-liter inline “six”, whose power will be 340 horsepower (500 Nm). The only available gearbox is an 8-speed automatic transmission.

Not so long ago, our automobile edition wrote that the Toyota Supra of the new generation officially debuted!