In 2017 Volvo starts to install Skype in their cars

In 2017 Volvo starts to install Skype in their cars

December 30, 2016 0 By autotimesnews

Volvo Cars – the Swedish carmaker, automobile manufacturer Volvo car brand, is going in the near future in their cars to start installing Skype software for business, allegedly in order to improve the performance of joint work with Microsoft applications. It may be just another marketing ploy automaker, or be the next step in the introduction of technology of unmanned driving.

Volvo announced that Skype for business initially appears in its S90 and V90 vehicles brands already in 2017. This software will synchronize with the user’s smartphone to display the work of its forthcoming meetings, make calls and video conferencing. To all other, a special program recognize the user’s voice will be introduced in this technology, which will allow applications to respond to verbal commands.

“Skype for Business in the car is another step on the road transport connections to unmanned driving. We see the future belongs to them, so modern cars, in fact, should be a mobile office on wheels that will enable people to reduce seat time in workrooms. This is just the beginning of a new vision of how the future people will be spending time in the car”, said vice president of Customer service “Volvo Group Cars”.

Obviously, this step is to show consumers Volvo products that the company keeps pace with the times, and its machines will be among the first that will be implemented autonomous driving technology.

Video on how it will work