Impressive landfill with Ferrari and Rolls-Royce shown on video

Impressive landfill with Ferrari and Rolls-Royce shown on video

June 10, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The famous YouTube blogger Supercar Blondie visited a very unusual place – a dump with exotic cars, which is located in Dubai, the UAE. In her video, she showed and talked about the most interesting cars that she found there.

In the video, you can find many expensive cars, including, for example, supercars Ferrari and Lamborghini, luxury Rolls-Royce, many Mercedes-Benz G-Class of different years of manufacture, Porsche Cayenne and others. Many of these cars are sold for pretty little money.

Moreover, a considerable number of cars that are at this landfill do not have critical damage. The fact is that in the Emirates, wealthy owners are not puzzled by the repair of their cars – even in a small accident, they give the car to a landfill, and then go to the salon for a new “iron horse”.

But there is another “caste” of cars – these are absolutely whole cars that ended up in the “cemetery” because of their owners who have problems with the law. Such representatives of the local elite prefer to drop everything and flee the country, which is why their cars become orphaned.