Images of the updated Mercedes C-class sedan

Images of the updated Mercedes C-class sedan

June 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Independent artists took the A-class sedan as a basis for their render, as well as the new version of the 4-door coupe CLA. The official presentation of the novelty should take place next year, and the car will go on sale as a 2021 model year sedan.

Because BMW introduced a completely new 3-series sedan, and Audi showed an amazing restyling for the A4, Mercedes wants its C-Class to stay fresh and competitive. Numerous “spy” images showed that the “three-pointed star” is working hard to prepare the next iteration of the executive sedan, and today we are sharing the first images of this car, which will receive an internal index W206.

Inspired by the Mercedes A-Class sedan and the CLA 4th coupe, this visualization represents the updated C-Class, which is designed in accordance with the latest style of the brand.

Separately, it is worth noting the sharp lines of headlights, which can be seen, both in the compact class and in the updated mid-size crossover CLS.

The next version of the C-class is likely to increase slightly in size. The car will be built on the platform MRA2, in which aluminum is actively used. As a result, the next-generation C-class should weigh about as much as its predecessor, or even lose a few kilograms, despite growing in size.

Knowing Mercedes and its desire to make cars as smooth as possible, there is a high probability that the drag coefficient of the new body will be reduced to increase efficiency. In the end, the A-class sedan is the most aerodynamic car on sale today with a Cd value of just 0.22. The new C-Class sedan is unlikely to meet this, but we expect an improvement over the drag coefficient in the current model of 0.26.