Images of Pininfarina’s first SUV released

Images of Pininfarina’s first SUV released

October 6, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Pininfarina hypercar-inspired SUV looks stunning.

Gone are the days when automakers designed square-shaped SUVs, with the possible exception of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class. Today, models such as the stunning Lamborghini Urus and the controversial Tesla Cybertruck have set the bar for high-end SUV design, and things seem to be getting better. This is a creation inspired by Pininfarina, presented by Daniel Gombeau as part of his master’s thesis under the direction of Pininfarina.

In his dissertation, Gombeau pays tribute to the company’s heritage by designing an electric SUV based on the company’s recent success with the famous Pininfarina Battista hypercar. His concept: to create an electric SUV that would receive the approval of the legendary Italian firm.

“I believe that the successful development of the brand is associated with the expansion of the automotive portfolio. One of the possible directions is the SUV market niche. This graduation project is my vision of what the future of the company might look like, ”he said. The end result is a truly breathtaking SUV, unlike any we’ve seen so far.

The car has a two-door coupe design that is mounted on a high-flotation chassis and a set of massive wheels that are more suited to the track than the dirt road. The bonnet is a work of art, which Gombeau describes as “a design feature that helps reshape the flat look, brings a sporty character to the car, and acts as an air duct along with the front and rear diffusers.”

The interior of the Pininfarina concept SUV is equally impressive: it includes a rear seat with bathtub, an almost rectangular steering wheel and front bucket seats.