Images of a pickup truck based on the new Volkswagen Golf Alltrack presented

Images of a pickup truck based on the new Volkswagen Golf Alltrack presented

September 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

New Volkswagen Golf Variant and Alltrack based on the Golf Mk8 and unveiled last week. But if VW offers its popular European family car lineup as a one-piece compact pickup truck?

The designer KDesign AG presented his vision of an off-road pickup based on the compact Volkswagen Golf hatchback, which was named Alltruck. Such a model could compete with the Ford Maverick and the not yet released Hyundai Santa Cruz. While its clunky rear end is a bit reminiscent of the former Subaru Baja, the Alltruck could be the choice of small, active families.

As conceived by the authors, the pickup will inherit the entire front end from the eighth generation of the legendary model, including optics with fancy DRLs, unusual hexagonal fog lights and much more. However, the tailgate and everything that follows is unique to the pickup.

This longer rear end would also improve the Golf’s handling when loaded with heavy loads, keeping the center of gravity as much as possible between the front and rear axles. The Alltruck also received a powerful roof rack. As with the Golf Alltrack, the tailgate of the pickup separates the taillights in two.

In addition, the Alltruck differs from the conventional Golf Variant by a lift-up suspension. This would further increase the pickup’s carrying capacity by giving it the suspension travel needed to carry heavy loads.

Note that this is just the imagination of artists, which, most likely, will never be realized. we can only be content with the very roomy Golf Variant wagon and its all-terrain Alltrack version.