Images of a 2-door Ford Bronco Sport have appeared on internet

Images of a 2-door Ford Bronco Sport have appeared on internet

July 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

A week has passed since the premiere of the new Ford Bronco, and the SUV is still the focus of most targeted resources.

The SUV and designers are not left indifferent. And one of them decided to show an alternative look at the design of the most budget version of the revived legend – Bronco Sport.

KDesign has distributed a couple of render images on the internet. On the first of them – the 2-door Bronco Sport, which has almost no chance of getting into the “series”. It’s not even about some external miscalculations. The proportions look good here, but the problem is that the prototype is based on the Escape and the European Focus.

But with the second image, it’s not so simple. Yes, there are also only two doors here, and therefore hardly such a version will ever come out. But here the artist also added a special Raptor finish. And the Bronco looks very interesting in combination with the Raptor, so it is possible that the manufacturer himself will soon think about the production of such an SUV version officially, albeit with four doors.

In addition, it was recently noted that the American company Ford announces the release of a new model next year. So, recently, during a press conference, representatives of Ford spoke about the cars that will be produced at the enterprises of the brand in the USA and Mexico.