IIHS specialists have proved not the ideality of “autopilots”

IIHS specialists have proved not the ideality of “autopilots”

August 19, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

According to the results of a study of several cars equipped with electronic assistants, which are designed to protect the car from accidents, it turned out that these systems are far from ideal. The conclusion was made by the engineers of the American organization IIHS.

First we want to note that IIHS is an American non-profit organization whose specialists have been checking security cars for years. They check whether these systems can protect the driver and passengers of the car from serious injury or even death.

According to official data, within the testing was tested the operation of systems of autonomous control of the car, which are equipped with both a vehicle with a classic internal combustion engine and electric vehicles.

The guys from the IIHS decided to test the German Mercedes-Benz E-Class (Drive Pilot system) and the BMW 5 Series (Driving Assistant Plus), the Swedish Volvo S90 sedan (Pilot Assist), and 2 American electric cars Tesla Model 3 and Model S. different versions of the Autopilot complex.

So, as a result of the tests, it was found out that all the electric cars from the American company Tesla – sedans Model 3 and Model S equipped with the Autopilot security system, were not working in some situations. It turns out that in the event that the cruise control system is not working at the moment, the electric cars do not even plan to stop before the obstacle on the road.

Well, the flagship sedan of the Swedish brand Volvo S90 brakes in case of detection of an obstacle, that’s only makes it very sharp and with a few tardiness compared to other cars.

After completing all the tests and analyzing the data obtained, IIHS experts concluded that electronic safety systems in the form in which they exist now provide a lower level of safety than adaptive cruise control.

The conclusion is that, at the moment, it is impossible to completely rely on automobile “autopilots” and follow the road yourself.