IIHS experts evaluate the safety of Volkswagen and Mercedes models

IIHS experts evaluate the safety of Volkswagen and Mercedes models

October 30, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Volkswagen Tiguan and Mercedes GLE were able to earn the highest awards, but only with additional options in the arsenal.

Specialists of the Institute for Road Safety Insurance continue to test modern cars, checking their safety. This time, the Volkswagen Tiguan 2019 and Mercedes GLE 2020 became the objects of close attention of IIHS specialists. According to the media, in order to receive the highest Top Safety Pick + award, test participants must pass all the tests with dignity. This is a very difficult task, as specialists have taken care of all the key parameters.

So, in the list of necessary crash tests, the following types are listed: in the front with a slight overlap on the driver / passenger side, in the front with moderate overlap, on the side, as well as special tests for roof strength, head restraint performance and optics performance. It is known that test subjects from Volkswagen and Mercedes received high marks in all six crash tests.


 So, for example, Mercedes GLE was praised for additional adaptive projection headlights on LEDs with high beam function. They equip cars that came off the assembly line after July 2019. The base lights here also received very acceptable ratings. Experts also noted a collision avoidance system, which is already available in the “base”. All of these options can boast of high ratings, but none of them showed flawless results.

Volkswagen Tiguan gets top marks only if it is equipped with adaptive LED optics with high beam support and a front accident warning system. Good reviews were received by the headlights, which are installed on cars released after June 2019. But earlier models, according to the observations of IIHS specialists, cannot count on the highest score. The basic halogen test headlights failed.

As a result, both models worthy of the test, however, none of them received praise for the standard equipment. For excellent ratings, additional options were required.