Icona Nucleus: conceptual autonomous future shuttle

Icona Nucleus: conceptual autonomous future shuttle

December 9, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Italian company Icona, still little known in the automotive segment, introduced its own autonomous shuttle of the future. The concept is a representation of designers about the transport of the future.

More than once, various specialists on the Net have tried to imagine what the future transport will look like, and many are inclined to the emergence of autonomous shuttles. To be more precise, unmanned vehicles may appear in the near future, with a spacious cabin and missing controls. Whether they will be public or private is not yet clear, but development in two directions will most likely be.

 The Italian company Icona decided to present its own vision of the future of transport.

 “The car is equipped with a fifth-level autopilot, due to which there is no driver’s seat inside and the steering wheel with pedals. Thanks to the large glass area, passengers will be able to enjoy the views of the street in their individual comfortable chairs. ”- Experts say.

 It is assumed that the car will get a spacious, but aerodynamically efficient body. As a power unit will be used electric motors with a sufficiently capacious battery. You can still assume that the model will be equipped with a wireless charging system, and become to replenish the energy on their own at the nearest available point.

Meanwhile, Honda announced a breakthrough in electric batteries with a 10-fold increase in capacity. The new chemical composition of batteries is being developed in collaboration with experts from the California Institute of Technology and the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.