IBM announced a decrease in brand influence when choosing a new car

IBM announced a decrease in brand influence when choosing a new car

September 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

After about 10 years, the brand will cease to be of key importance to the buyer when choosing a new car. This conclusion was reached by specialists from IBM, which published the results of a study on the impact of new digital technologies on the automotive industry.

In total, experts at IBM Institute for Business Value interviewed 11.5 thousand motorists and about 1.5 thousand people holding senior positions in automobile companies. As the study showed, in 2030, the transport industry is waiting for significant changes.

So, almost half of the respondents said (48%), said that after 10 years the brand itself would cease to be crucial for them. Factors such as car prices and convenience will come first. Losing brand value will also contribute to the development of machine sharing services and unmanned technology. At IBM, it is estimated that in 2030 about 15% of cars worldwide will drive in fully automatic mode.

Factors such as “controllability”, “power” and “appearance” will become much less important than at the moment. When choosing a car, “user experience”, “personalization”, as well as “self-diagnosis” and “self-training” will be more important to customers.

Finally, half of the automotive industry executives surveyed said that “digital Armageddon” would soon happen in the industry. In this regard, they see an urgent need for an urgent rethinking of the concept of cars and retraining of personnel.