“I know what his condition is”: Massa spoke about the difficult situation with Schumacher

“I know what his condition is”: Massa spoke about the difficult situation with Schumacher

May 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Former Formula 1 driver Felipe Massa said he was aware of the health status of Michael Schumacher, but was not going to disclose this information out of respect for the family of the seven-time champion.

“I know what state Michael is in, I have this information. We have always had a pretty close relationship. We don’t know his wife Corinna very well, because she didn’t come to races so often. The main thing we all know is it’s a difficult situation. Now is a difficult period and we must respect this, as I do with Michael’s family. If they don’t want to disclose information about Michael, then who am I to do this? I pray for Michael every day and dream that he recovered and once again appeared on the track, “- quotes Brazilian Marca.

Schumacher at the end of December 2013, while skiing in the French Alps, fell and hit a ledge of a rock. From a strong blow, the helmet of the racing driver simply split.

Schumacher was taken to the hospital of Grenoble and put into an artificial coma. In the summer of 2014, the athlete regained consciousness. According to various sources, he had serious problems with memory and speech and was in a wheelchair.

The first positive news began to arrive towards the end of 2018. First, FIA President Jean Todt admitted that in November he watched the Brazilian Grand Prix with Michael.

In December 2018, the British Daily Mail reported that the ex-pilot Ferrari was no longer bedridden and was in his villa near Lake Geneva.

In February 2019, according to unconfirmed information, Schumacher was seen in Spanish Mallorca, where he celebrated his anniversary.