Hyundai will introduce an electric crossover fuel cell

Hyundai will introduce an electric crossover fuel cell

August 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

August 26 an exhibition was opened in China (Shanghai) under the name Hyundai Hydrogen World. As part of it, an NEXO electric crossover with fuel cells will be presented, also the Hyundai Motor Group company, which will be involved in the presentation of the car, will talk about the latest technologies related to hydrogen, as well as useful solutions in the field of energy.

A crossover is placed on the oval-shaped area glazed along the contour. It is in this platform that guests will be told about everything that the company planned to announce. Customers will also be given the opportunity to explore the interior of the new electro-cross.

Thanks to the installation of fuel cells, in the process of its movement, the car will purify the air, filtering out almost all ultrafine particles. NEXO is a car representing the second generation of electric cars with Hyundai fuel systems. The car will be able to travel 609 km on a single charge, also the car does not throw harmful substances into the air, and the main highlight is the purification of the air during its movement.

The entire internal structure of the split fuel system is shown on the site. By 2030, the Korean company Hyundai plans to produce 500 thousand cars on fuel systems.

The company also adopted the FCEV Vision 2030 program, which plans to strengthen the development of the hydrogen society. This is not limited to cars. The presentation will also show the advantage of its use in the household and industry.