Hyundai will help British billionaire revive Defender

Hyundai will help British billionaire revive Defender

November 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Korean company will supply fuel cells for Ineos SUV

The British concern Ineos and the Korean auto corporation Hyundai have signed a cooperation agreement, writes The Guardian. For their part, the Koreans will supply automotive fuel cells in which hydrogen is converted into electricity to power traction electric motors.

As we already wrote, the owner of the British chemical concern Ineos, billionaire Jim Ratcliffe, intends to launch the Grenadier SUV into production. Ratcliffe himself is a fan of classic Land Rover models, so the idea to start car production came to him after the discontinuation of the original Defender.

Ineos has already agreed to purchase diesel engines from BMW for Grenadier. However, the company also planned a pure electric version from the start. The choice in favor of hydrogen fuel cells over conventional batteries is due to the fact that Ineos is also a hydrogen producer.

The Grenadier promises to be a highly unusual electric vehicle. The fact is that Ratcliffe wanted a classic SUV with a frame, continuous axles, mechanical all-wheel drive with a reduction gear and differential locks. Such a scheme is well combined with internal combustion engines on the off-road, but looks redundant for electric vehicles.

In electric vehicles, four-wheel drive is usually implemented using two or more motors, which are responsible for different wheels. This eliminates the need for a complex transmission. However, in the electric Grenadier, it seems that the classic SUV scheme of the last century will be retained.