Hyundai will bring Hyundai Veloster Grappler all-terrain vehicle to SEMA

Hyundai will bring Hyundai Veloster Grappler all-terrain vehicle to SEMA

October 17, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The brand intends to organize the debut of its new car with amazing off-road potential in early November as part of the world’s largest tuning show in Las Vegas.

The original Hyundai Veloster hatchback, which since its first debut has been surprising fans of the brand with an asymmetrical body, now appears in the form of an off-road concept called Grappler. Its automaker is planning to present November 5-8 in Las Vegas as part of the SEMA tuning show. Such a very impressive all-terrain vehicle is taught by the increased clearance, an elevated suspension, an athletic Seibon carbon fiber hood, interesting optics (a complex light mosaic on the nose and a powerful “chandelier” on the roof), as well as rally wheels.

Also, such a car relies on a full-size “reserve” and a removable solar panel from Goal Zero. With its help, a fully electric portable power station located inside the cabin is “fueled”.

Inside the car there will also be a roll cage and premium Recaro seats. The list of equipment of the novelty included a first-aid kit, a Napier tent, a large shovel and a whole set of original Hyundai accessories.

There is no information on the engine that is hiding under the hood of the Hyundai Veloster Grappler. The standard Veloster, which can be found in America, gets a two-liter 149-horsepower aspirated, combined with a 6MKPP or automatic with the same number of steps, or a 1.6-liter turbo four with a power of 204 hp. A couple of her is a seven-speed robotic gearbox. But the “charged” version of Veloster with the letter “N” in the title sets in motion a two-liter 275-horsepower turbo engine.