Hyundai will add N Sport versions to its models

Hyundai will add N Sport versions to its models

February 7, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

hyundai veloster n

Former head of BMW M Albert Beermann, who now heads the Hyundai N division, told Car and Driver in an interview that many of the brand’s models can get the N badge. Koreans intend to follow the example of premium manufacturers (Mercedes AMG, BMW M, Cadillac V, Audi S / RS) and increase the lineup of N-models due to N Sport versions. They will not have the same level of performance as the recently introduced Veloster N, but they will have certain sports features.

Each car will be set to “more aggressive driving style,” said Beermann, and they will also have “different from standard tire models.” Cars will receive stylistic upgrades to the exterior and interior. But, they will not get “another engine, bigger brakes, a completely new suspension or axle”.

It is not yet clear which models are the first candidates for the N Sport version. It is assumed that it will be for most models. In addition to running the N Sport, Hyundai will also offer an assortment of N-accessories.