Hyundai unveils self-driving concept with displays in glass

Hyundai unveils self-driving concept with displays in glass

April 2, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The M.Vision X and M.Vision POP concepts showcase the post-pandemic period as seen by the automaker.

It is assumed that Hyundai Mobis concepts are capable of operating in services according to the principle of “mobility as a service” (further evolution of car sharing), but to a greater extent we have before us a demonstration of the technological achievements of the Korean automaker. The four-seater M.Vision X, for example, features contactless gesture communication and a convertible interior. The shuttle glazing can be used as displays, and the control of all machine functions is carried out on four 28-inch screens. Also, the model received a disinfection system, which is activated after each disembarkation of a passenger.

M.Vision POP is designed for two passengers, but the concept is notable for the presence of a smartphone dock in the steering wheel, which turns the gadget into a part of the car cockpit. From a smartphone, the driver is able to control the on-board electronics using his voice, and he can also display the navigation application on the central display. Also, the sensors of the smartphone can be used for “wireless control”. Another innovation is the e-Corner module, which is responsible for the movement, steering and braking of each wheel. This allows M.Vision POP to move sideways or turn around on the spot.

In addition, both concepts received the so-called M.VICS integrated cockpit (MOBIS Vision of Integrated Cockpit System). It contains all the key developments of Hyundai Mobis: driver assistance systems, biometric authentication and the Blooming Sound audio system. Perhaps the show cars also use HLED technology, which allows one LED module to be used both as the main light and as a brake light. It has already been certified in Europe and the United States.

Recall that the other day Hyundai Motor held an online presentation of the electric car Hyundai Ioniq 5. The company pins great hopes on this product – they plan to produce it in hundreds of thousands a year and sell it in all major markets of the world. This is the first Hyundai originally designed as a battery electric car, the use of internal combustion engines in the design is not provided in principle. The model is built on a new modular E-GMP platform; The chassis was presented in December 2020; it can be used to create cars of almost any type and class.