Hyundai unveiled MOBIS autonomous concept

Hyundai unveiled MOBIS autonomous concept

January 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Quite a few brands are already working on autonomous vehicles, but only a few of them have presented lighting systems designed to communicate with pedestrians and other road users.

As part of the consumer electronics exhibition, the Hyundai brand introduced the concept of an autonomous car MOBIS. This is a car with a streamlined shape, equipped with a set of displays and lamps, which inform everyone about its intentions.

  Concept headlights are especially interesting, as the company claims that it can project a “bright red warning symbol” on pedestrians to show that it’s not safe to drive in front of a car. When the vehicle stops, the headlights project the crosswalk symbol to the ground, indicating that you can continue driving.

The autonomous concept can detect pedestrians at a distance of more than 137 meters, after which it will show them what it is going to do next.

As representatives of Hyundai explained, “LED boards” show an arrow that shows which direction the car is going to move. Auto will also begin the countdown to indicate how long it will start moving. The latter function simulates a timer at traffic lights that count how long people have to stand in order to cross the street.

  In addition to the aforementioned functions, the autonomous concept has a “lighting indication zone,” which informs people about the mode in which the auto mode is currently operating — autonomous or not. The concept also uses sounds and other LEDs to improve road safety.

Well, not so long ago, Hyundai introduced a prototype walking car Elevate Concept.