Hyundai to recall Kona EV models due to faulty batteries

Hyundai to recall Kona EV models due to faulty batteries

October 12, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Kona battery cells supplied by LG Chem can be a fire hazard due to a possible short circuit.

Hyundai will recall all-electric Kona vehicles due to potential short-circuits caused by improperly manufactured high-voltage battery cells. it is reported that there is a high risk of fire in electric vehicles.

The recall campaign covers 25,564 Kona electric vehicles that were produced between September 2017 and March 2020. This information was reported by the Ministry of Transport of South Korea. The recall will start on October 16 and will include software updates and battery replacements after checks.

A total of 13 incidents of fire involving Kona EV have been documented, including one each in Canada and Austria, according to a statement from the office of ruling party deputy Jang Kyung Tae.

The recall “is a proactive response to a suspicion of manufacturing defective high voltage batteries used in vehicles that may have contributed to the reported fires,” a Hyundai spokesman said.

Note that Kona electric vehicles use batteries produced by LG Chem, which in turn stated that the exact cause of the fire was not determined, and the reconstruction experiment carried out in conjunction with Hyundai did not lead to a fire, so the fires cannot be attributed to faulty batteries. LG Chem added that it will be involved in a future investigation with Hyundai to find the cause.

The Kona is the best-selling Hyundai model in Europe. Kona sales in the region grew 1.9% to 70,380 in the first eight months, including combustion engine versions, according to market researcher JATO Dynamics.