Hyundai tested a column of unmanned trucks

Hyundai tested a column of unmanned trucks

November 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

An experiment on the South Korean highway confirmed that a pair of autonomous trucks following each other maintain a distance between themselves and respond to changing traffic conditions. The company is sure: the future is in this way of transporting goods.

The most effective strategy for unmanned trucks is considered to be column movement. This method of movement can reduce the number of traffic jams and accidents, as well as fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Hyundai demonstrated the benefits of cargo robocaravans during a test in South Korea. Two autonomous Hyundai Xcient trucks were launched on a 7.7-km highway, which were programmed to follow each other at a distance of 16.7 m. One of the cars was the leading one, and the other was the driven one.

To simulate the conditions of a real road, along with trucks, other unmanned vehicles were also brought to the experimental section of the highway, New Atlas reports.

 Tests have shown that robotic trucks can not only follow each other, but also emergency brakes, as well as automatically increase the distance to 25 meters if another vehicle is built in between them.

The company is confident that in the near future convoys of robotic trucks will become a familiar part of road traffic. This will completely change freight and logistics.