Hyundai strives to take a leading position in Europe in the EV segment

Hyundai strives to take a leading position in Europe in the EV segment

January 30, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Korean company is striving to become the largest electric car manufacturer in Europe this year after launching production of an electric version of Kona at its Czech plant.

Hyundai will begin production of Kona Electric in March at its Nosovice plant, 380 km east of Prague, the company said on Thursday. At the same time, gasoline, hybrid and diesel versions of the compact crossover will continue to be imported to Europe from Korea. The automaker will also increase supplies to Europe Kona Electric from its plant in South Korea.

These steps will triple the availability of Kona Electric for customers in Europe and dramatically reduce delivery times, the Hyundai press service said.

“Since the start of sales in 2018, the demand for Kona Electric has exceeded expectations, and the increase in capacity is designed to keep up with the growing demand,” the report said.

Hyundai said it will provide more than 80,000 zero-emission vehicles this year for European customers, including Kona Electric, Ioniq Electric, and a Nexo fuel cell vehicle. The brand’s management hopes that more than 60 thousand cars sold out of the total number of electric cars will have to Kona Electric.

“Thanks to this development, Hyundai expects to become the largest supplier of zero-emissions cars in Europe in 2020,” the company said.

Hyundai is likely to purchase batteries for Kona Electric in Europe, and an announcement is expected in the coming weeks. Korean battery manufacturers LG Chem and SK Innovation have factories in Europe – in Poland and Hungary, respectively.

Kona is Hyundai’s second best-selling car in Europe after the Tucson compact SUV. Kona’s European sales increased 61% to 107,409 last year, according to a report by JATO Dynamics analysts.