Hyundai spoke in detail about the new modular platform

Hyundai spoke in detail about the new modular platform

April 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The South Korean brand introduced the third generation of the new platform, which is characterized by high modularity, reduced center of gravity, increased safety, and controllability.

Hyundai is preparing to market a new generation of Sonata. This will become not just an update of the model, but also a demonstration of a completely new modular third-generation platform. And before the release of new items to the market, the press service decided to talk more about the new platform. On the presented video, you can note the most important features of the “cart”.

Judging by the video, the company has significantly revised the power structure of the bearing body to improve safety. Now the energy from the collision is redistributed in three directions at once. The low overlap crash test also demonstrates that the deformation from the impact will be minimal, and the car itself will move slightly to the side, rather than turn around. Also, the new platform will significantly reduce the center of gravity, and increase manageability.

According to preliminary information, the new platform will be used on all new and updated cars of the company. New truck Hyundai is designed to use a variety of power units, including the classic internal combustion engines, hybrids and all-electric systems.

Judging by the presentation video, they will have shorter overhangs, the roof line, the hood, the landing of passengers will decrease.