Hyundai showed off the updated Grandeur sedan

Hyundai showed off the updated Grandeur sedan

November 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The South Korean brand Hyundai showed the updated top-end Grandeur sedan for the local market.

The interior and exterior of the model has changed significantly. In addition, the novelty has acquired a new “base” 2.5 GDI engine with combined fuel injection.

Significant updates have affected the appearance of the model. In addition to the fact that all the elements of the car body are new, she received a large radiator grill with a diamond-shaped pattern, where the rhombuses closest to the headlights have the property to glow and act as DRLs; triangular air ducts and other taillights, which are interconnected by a thin LED “jumper”.

 The interior of the flagship has completely changed: a new front panel, a central tunnel, a steering wheel, a climate control unit with touch control, a new screen for the infotainment system, which is visually combined with a digital instrument panel, have appeared. Finally, the sedan no longer has a classic gearshift lever; it has been replaced, as in the new Hyundai Sonata, with equally convenient function keys.

  As expected, a new basic power unit appeared in the engine line of the updated Hyundai Grandeur – an atmospheric Quartet of 2.5 liters of the SmartStream family with combined fuel injection. Together with this motor, an 8-speed “automatic”.

  The flagship sedan also still has a hybrid powerplant in its arsenal, which includes a 2.4-liter internal combustion engine and a 38-kilowatt electric motor, and a 3.0-liter LPi gas engine with a capacity of 235 horsepower, paired with a 6-range Automatic transmission and front-wheel drive.

  South Korea has already begun accepting orders for the updated Grandeur 2020 model year. Cost and configuration will be announced very soon.