Hyundai registers new trademark Pavise

Hyundai registers new trademark Pavise

April 7, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

At the moment, it is assumed that the South Korean brand is preparing to introduce a new “daughter”. Under this name will be produced a wide range of cars, as well as electric cars.

Hyundai has applied for a Pavise trademark in the New Zealand patent office. While official comments on this issue is not given. However, the statement says that the name is registered for the release of: “cars; vans; trucks; buses; electric vehicles. The application was filed only on April 3 and is now being considered by a committee of the New Zealand Intellectual Property Office.

Separately, it was noted that the company had already tried to register the name Pavise in the United States and Europe, but was refused to use it for its own commercial purposes. The word itself means the type of shield that was used in the old days. In other words, the name of a new car should inspire a sense of safety and security.

Unfortunately, the registration of a new name is not a fact of the launch of a new car release or the creation of a new brand. Often companies register names just in case or for their own purposes.