Hyundai registers Bayon trademark in Europe

Hyundai registers Bayon trademark in Europe

August 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This move baffled automotive experts.

Recently, TheKoreanCarBlog portal published data that Hyundai has registered the Bayon trademark in Europe. The documents say that under it will be sold “cars, sports cars, vans, trucks, buses, electric cars, as well as parts and accessories for cars.” However, this does not shed light on why Hyundai took such a step.

It’s no secret that the Korean automaker is developing an all-electric model on a scalable platform that works equally well for all three companies: Hyundai, KIA and Genesis. But the question of why it was necessary to register the fourth mark in Europe remains open.

Some speculate that Hyundai is developing a completely new vehicle that no one knows about yet. This particular model can be sold in Europe under the new brand. One way or another, but we learn the truth only when the manufacturer releases something under the Bayon brand.