Hyundai recalls nearly 12 thousand cars due to car park system

Hyundai recalls nearly 12 thousand cars due to car park system

April 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Sonata and Nexo are actively discussed in North America. The issue is the malfunction of some systems.

A total of 11,870 cars are included in the recall campaign, and it is estimated that 1% may have a defect that affects the “fault tolerance” mode, which prevents the vehicle from moving when a malfunction is detected during normal operation.

What kind of defect? NHTSA reports that “an error in the RSPA software may cause the vehicle to continue to move in its last preset direction, even if a system malfunction is detected.” In other words, the vehicle may roll back, increasing the risk of collision or injury to unauthorized persons. Fortunately, the automaker is not aware of any accidents.

The problem was discovered by Hyundai a couple of months ago, during routine function testing. In March, they received a message about Sonata in Korea reporting unintentional vehicle traffic, although the RSPA had an older version of the software. They continued to study the defect and conducted further tests until early April, when they announced a voluntary recall.

Owners of the affected Nexo and Sonata will be notified on June 4, and authorized specialists will reprogram the software for free. The new software has already been introduced into the production of two models and is said to prevent crashes. The automaker will indemnify those who have already repaired their cars.