Hyundai recalls electric Kona again

Hyundai recalls electric Kona again

February 23, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The problems with Hyundai Kona cars are very serious. This time the fire occurred on a previously repaired car.

Hyundai is forced to launch a recall campaign for its Kona electric vehicles for a second time. We would like to remind that earlier 25 thousand of such cars were already recalled. Now it became known about the case of a fire in a previously repaired car.

Hyundai was supposed to have submitted a plan to fix the problems back on February 19, but a new case confused all the cards, and this did not happen. At the moment, negotiations are underway between Hyundai Motor Company and LG Energy Solutions on how to solve the problem – according to preliminary data, the companies can equally share the losses.

And they are very serious – if the batteries need to be replaced, the total damage is estimated at $ 66.7 billion. At the same time, it is impossible to delay – there have already been 16 cases of fire. However, the negotiations between the two companies are not so smooth.

According to one version, the fault lies exclusively in the battery – the separator between the “plus” and “minus” contacts is damaged, which leads to a spark and a fire.

If so, then all the damage could fall on LG Energy Solutions. According to another version, the malfunction may be caused by problems in the battery management system – in this case, Hyundai will be the responsible party. For the time being, Hyundai has slightly slowed down battery charging rates. At the same time, the recent fire on an electric bus speaks in favor of the problems on the part of LG Energy Solutions – the batteries of this company are also installed there.

Meanwhile, Hyundai has unveiled the electric Ioniq 5. This car should become a landmark for the Korean brand when converting the model range to electric power.