Hyundai recalls about 100 thousand cars

Hyundai recalls about 100 thousand cars

May 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Hyundai warns Australians not to park these cars in the garage, as they can catch fire even when turned off.

Hyundai Australia has issued a recall for nearly 100,000 cars because of the potential risk of fire caused by a short circuit that can occur even with the engine turned off. The review covers 9,393 Santa Fe crossovers manufactured from March 16, 2005 to September 22, 2009, 18,734 Elantra models released between August 17, 2005 and May 14, 2011, and 68,765 i30 models assembled from November 7 2006 to December 14, 2010.

According to the description, a manufacturing defect is found in the “electronic control board in the ABS module”, which may “short-circuit when components are exposed to moisture.” The failure of these parts does not affect the functioning of the brake system. However, due to the increased risk of fire, the automaker recommends that owners keep their cars away from the garage and other structures, as well as flammable materials, and park them in an open space.

The service center specialists will install the relay kit on the printed circuit board, which will prevent a power surge and eliminate the risk of fire. It is expected that spare parts will be available from July, and repairs will be made free of charge. Company representatives will notify the owners of these cars in the next few weeks. In addition, car owners can independently sign up for repairs, after contacting the Hyundai Customer Service Center.