Hyundai plans to occupy 5% of the global car market

Hyundai plans to occupy 5% of the global car market

December 10, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Korean concern has published its large-scale plan, Strategy 2025.

According to the published plan of Hyundai Motor, the concern is going to establish and actively develop two new areas: “Intellectual mobility devices” and “Intellectual mobility services”. The new business units will help the Korean brand become a leading provider of intelligent transportation solutions.

The first area will develop products that are designed to provide services and will become the basis for the development of a service business. The second unit will produce a wide range of products, including cars, aircraft, robots and more. Based on the created technical means, the concern plans to develop urban air transport.

Thanks to the “Strategy-2025” Hyundai Motor plans to achieve growth in various markets and long-term development. The brand is also going to increase profitability and become a leader in electrification.