Hyundai launches its own Hyundai TV channel

Hyundai launches its own Hyundai TV channel

September 14, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Hyundai Motor has launched its own TV channel. Channel Hyundai is an interactive Smart TV application that includes digital media content.

This was reported by the manufacturer’s press service. Channel Hyundai offers a variety of online content and services that will provide direct access to Hyundai brand information.

To begin with, the company introduced three categories to the program: Live, Television (TV), and Models. The plans for the future are to increase the amount of content.

The Live category will offer product and presentation releases in line with the company’s vision and philosophy. So, for example, on September 15, the TV channel will broadcast the world premiere of the brand new Hyundai Tucson 2021, for the first time it will take place on the big screen using the application and with high quality video.

The TV category will feature videos covering a wide range of contemporary lifestyle topics. From impressive art collaborations to exciting motorsport news, you’ll see interesting coverage of Hyundai’s various partnerships and events. It also plans to develop and release unique content exclusively for Channel Hyundai.

The “Models” category is intended for those who want to know more specifically about Hyundai vehicles. The Hyundai Channel app will not only contain video reviews, but also have an interactive showroom that will allow customers to have a virtual experience of key features of Hyundai models.

Subsequently, the application will be updated with new content and services that will provide customers with a wide range of branded content with easy access via Smart TV. The programs are now available in English with subtitles, and the production of materials in other languages ​​is also in progress.

The app can be downloaded by keywords “Hyundai” or “Channel Hyundai” on the LG Content Store or Samsung TV App Store. The content can also be viewed on the Hyundai Channel website.