Hyundai ix35 updated a year after the debut

Hyundai ix35 updated a year after the debut

November 27, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Spy photos of the latest generation of Hyundai SUVs appeared. While the model is represented in only one market.

The second-generation Hyundai ix35 crossover debuted last year. The SUV is built on the platform of the previous “thirty-fifth”, it is available only in China, where it is produced at the Beijing Hyundai JV plant. The cross-country market entered the market of the Middle Kingdom in November 2017, but Hyundai is already preparing for the start of sales of the upgraded version. Pictures of the updated car published edition Autohome.

However, restyling is insignificant – judging by the frames, ix35 got only a different grille, the interior seems to have not changed. It is possible that the model will expand the list of equipment, but no details yet.

But it is precisely known about the technical update: if the second generation pre-reform crossover is offered only with an 2.0 engine (160 hp, 193 Nm), then a 1.4 turbocharger with a return of 140 hp is still provided for the refreshed SUV. (242 Nm) – this engine is also available in other local Hyundai models, for example, in the Lafesta sedan. It is curious that on the official website of Beijing Hyundai in the price list ix35 a new engine is already listed, however, the sale of a cross with a turbo engine has not yet been received.

The engine is completed with six-speed manual or automatic transmission, the turbo engine also put a seven-speed robotic transmission with two clutches. According to the JV site, the ix35 1.4T does not have a full drive – the 4WD version will remain the prerogative of the top-end configuration with a two-liter engine.

The price of the current Hyundai ix35 2.0 starts at 119,900 yuan. A crossover with a turbocharged engine, if you believe the site, will cost at least 133,900 yuan. The dates for the start of sales of the refreshed ix35 are still unknown. The pre-reform ix35 and with one motor are in quite good demand in China: 15,428 such vehicles were sold in October 2018, this is the most popular SUV brand in the Chinese market.

Note, at the same time in the China, the Hyundai Tucson SUV is still being sold, although it was this model that drove the ix35 out of the global market earlier. Tucson, although it is worse than each other (1687 units sold in October), China is not going to leave, on the contrary, the day before local dealers got an updated cross, which differs significantly from the car presented in other countries.

At the moment there is no information about the plans of Hyundai to supply the ix35 of the second generation beyond the limits of the Middle Kingdom. Meanwhile, Kia recently announced that its Chinese-made models will be exported. It is possible that later Hyundai will take a similar decision.