Hyundai is going to build a new skyscraper in South Korea

Hyundai is going to build a new skyscraper in South Korea

November 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Korean corporation plans to change its headquarters by moving to the affluent Gangnam district.

The government approved the construction of a new skyscraper more than 4 years after the Hyundai Motor Group proposed to buy land for it for $ 10 billion, which is about 3 times its market value.

The new office, which will appear no earlier than 2026, will have a height of 260 meters and 105 floors. It should be emphasized that in connection with a record high by local standards, the corporation faced a problem. So, in 2016, the South Korean Air Force reported that the building would interfere with radar and military operations.

 In the new central office of the company there will be both offices, and a thematic fleet, a hotel, a concert hall, and also a conference hall. Approximately 18,000 employees from 30 branches of the concern will work in the territory.

 As Hyundai noted, “the corporation will continue to work closely with the Seoul authorities to continue to implement the project in accordance with administrative procedures.”