Hyundai introduced the concept of the interior of the new hatch i30

Hyundai introduced the concept of the interior of the new hatch i30

April 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Internal equipment is characterized by high adaptability and a huge amount of electronics. The car is equipped with a 3D dashboard, steering wheel with two touch panels, as well as a large multimedia display.

More and more modern cars are becoming like another gadget. Already no one is surprised by an electric car, a car with five displays, and even a car with unmanned technology. Hyundai decided to develop the idea of ​​integrating electronics and cars. To demonstrate the new features was selected i30 hatchback.

As a concept, the company introduced a steering wheel with two touch displays for thumbs control, a new electronic instrument panel with a 3D effect, and a new software for managing a multimedia information system. The model was not chosen casual. The company wanted to emphasize that the electronic filling can be not only in expensive and premium models.

Touchscreens on the steering wheel are no longer news, but Hyundai has demonstrated two touchscreens with extensive personal settings, as well as a reverse response effect. The dashboard is also no different, except for multi-layer display technology (multi-layer display, MLD). Two matrices are located at a distance of 6 mm from each other, thereby creating a three-dimensional image effect.

Unfortunately, the company stressed that only prototypes of new options are presented. Research is now continuing at the Würzburg Road Safety Institute, which allows you to customize new systems for maximum safety.