Hyundai introduced more renders of the walking car Elevate Concept

Hyundai introduced more renders of the walking car Elevate Concept

January 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In fact, the conceptual novelty of the Hyundai Elevate Concept looks rather strange, and as if it is ready to take over the world after arriving on Earth or production in the dungeons of SkyNet. But the company claims that the release of cars does not have any other intentions, except the most noble ones.

As part of today’s consumer electronics exhibition CES-2019, the concept car with the legs and wheels of the Hyundai Elevate Concept will be presented, creating a new segment of the Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV). The vehicle is a futuristic project created to automate and assist in driving or overcoming the most difficult conditions, including mountain paths, debris, and so on.

 Hyundai is confident that the model will be able to facilitate the work of delivering humanitarian aid in combat conditions, help rescuers and ambulance services, work as a taxi for people with disabilities, and also has an unlimited supply of ideas on areas of application.

The robotic limbs of the vehicle are able to imitate the gait of animals, and the mounted wheels help it to move with great speed. In the development of the concept was three years, but plans for mass production yet.

Meanwhile, KIA is preparing to update its own KIA KX3 crossover, and Hyundai is seeking to release a budget version of the Hyundai Creta. It is logical to assume that within the framework of SP companies can unite.