Hyundai introduced a unique system for hearing impaired drivers

Hyundai introduced a unique system for hearing impaired drivers

January 20, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Hyundai has developed a unique technology designed to help motorists with hearing impairment interact with the environment. This solution converts internal and external sounds into tactile and visual signals.

This is reported on the official site of Hyundai.

The software and hardware complex analyzes external sounds with the help of the built-in module of artificial intelligence and through the system of audiovisual transformation (AVC) and the system of audio-tactile conversion (ATC) transmits them to people whose hearing impairment is often offset by improved vision and touch.

Information can be displayed on the projection display on the windshield or on special steering wheel screens. In particular, visual sounds of emergency vehicles are visualized.

As for tactile messages based on audio information, they are reproduced in the form of steering wheel vibes. In this way the system informs the driver about the surrounding environment, for example, the distance to obstacles.

The system provides true “freedom of movement”, helping people with hearing impairment to comfortably and safely drive a car,
– noted in the Hyundai Motor Group.