Hyundai introduced a new tuning package for its cars

Hyundai introduced a new tuning package for its cars

December 27, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Improvements have already been called N Performance Parts. Options are aimed at increasing the comfort of the driver and passengers.

Hyundai presented a new tuning package for its cars, which was called N Performance Parts. The main objective of the improvements will be to increase comfort, as well as improving the technical equipment of the passenger compartment. The development of updates was prepared very carefully – the companies used all the accumulated experience in this area. Hyundai also analyzed which options might be of interest to customers. As a result, the N Performance Parts package includes Alcantara trim, a completely new steering wheel and a convenient handbrake.

From the exterior, we note a special sports body kit made of carbon fiber, an updated design of the front bumper, as well as an enhanced brake system with a 4-piston caliper.

 Also included in the service pack are the original wheels with a diameter of 19 inches. For the first time, the strategy for the production of cars with the N index was announced a year ago Рthen it implied the installation of add-ons to the car at the request of customers.