Hyundai i30 N with all-wheel drive brought to the road tests

Hyundai i30 N with all-wheel drive brought to the road tests

May 3, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

While all-wheel drive Hyundai i30 N exists only as a prototype. However, this circumstance does not prevent autoexperts from calling the future serial novelty a competitor to Volkswagen Golf R.

Talk about the appearance of all-wheel drive Hyundai i30 N has been going on for a long time, but until today the release of potential new items on the market has not been officially confirmed. Now the company confirmed that the prototypes of the all-wheel drive i30 N are already undergoing road tests. In one of the interviews that Guido Schenken, public relations manager of the brand in Australia, gave to foreign journalists, it sounded that the creation of a “charged” hatchback with all-wheel drive was originally included in the development strategy of this model.

bout how seriously the Hyundai team relates to the production of high-performance all-wheel drive cars, said the head of the unit N Albert Birmann. It is possible that the i30 N is destined to become a “pioneer” in this niche.

The drive on both axes can also get i30 N Fastback. In theory, the Veloster N. can also become an all-wheel drive. This information has not yet received official confirmation.

It is noted that the development of a full drive system for machines with a nameplate N is not the only area where all the forces of the brand’s engineers are directed. No less important aspect of their work – the use of automatic gearbox with double clutch. Hopefully, all future cars from the N-series will receive this type of transmission.