Hyundai i30 N owners can not worry about the warranty because of track-days

Hyundai i30 N owners can not worry about the warranty because of track-days

March 20, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Modern front-wheel drive hot-hatches are far from slow cars that abroad are often used by motor sport fans in amateur racing and track-days. But motorsport makes increased demands on the reliability of the car, and as a result, there are various nuances.

Just a couple of days ago, one owner of the Tesla Model 3 in a few laps burned the braking system of the electric car, as it is not designed for the high loads experienced by the car on the race track. But not all fast cars have the same brakes, and Hyundai i30 N, apparently, there are no problems with overheating of the brakes.

According to the Australian portal Caradvice, at least on this continent Hyundai is not going to limit the warranty on the i30 N even if the owner often uses it on race tracks. The guarantee on the hot-hatches is five years without a mileage limit, and the owner can not survive even if he uses high-quality racing tires on the track, which further strengthen the load on the brake system.

However, the guarantee does not apply to official races.

What conclusion can be drawn from this? First, Hyundai is confident in the reliability of its car, and secondly, the company must impose competition Honda Civic Type-R and other competitors in Australia. For example, the Japanese since July 1 last year give five-year warranty for their cars without a mileage limit (previously the warranty was three years and 100,000 kilometers of mileage), and it concerns the charged hatchback Type-R, which is more than 50 power is more powerful than i30 N, although it has a similar engine volume. But the warranty obligation to Type-R states that it does not include cars that participate in any official or unofficial racing events.

Of course, you need to understand that the warranty for i30 N does not provide for the restoration of the car after any impact on the bump or in case of a coup on it. But burnt pads with discs or broken shock absorbers brand dealers to their Australian customers, apparently, will change without problems.

The official presentation of the Hyundai i30 N will take place on the continent next week. In the basic configuration hot hatch is estimated at 39,990 Australian dollars.