Hyundai i10 won’t be electric

Hyundai i10 won’t be electric

May 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Where many manufacturers prefer to use an all-electric powerplant in the smallest model, the compact Hyundai i10 is at the end of the list of models for electrification.

Hyundai Motor Europe’s Director of Products and Prices, Raf van Nuffel, in an interview with, admitted that Hyundai uses the “cascading principle” in electrification, which allows the company’s innovations to go from top to bottom. This means that the i10 is the latest model in the family to be electrified. “We do this because our resources are not unlimited, and we are currently focusing on slightly larger models.”

In the long run, everything will change, because in the future Van Nuffel sees an opportunity for the smallest cars to purchase a hybrid or electric power plant. But he prefers not to disclose these plans yet due to the fact that “they are not yet concrete enough.”

In recent years, special events have occurred in the global automotive industry. Where some manufacturers leave a small segment, such as Opel, other brands prefer to make compact cars fully electric. An example of this kind of activity is Renault with its Twingo ZE model or the Volkswagen Group with Citigo, Mii and Up.

Hyundai is undoubtedly aware of the difficulty of keeping a car in this segment. On the one hand, they should minimize the average CO2 emissions in the fleet of the brand, on the other hand, they require large investments, which are difficult to justify by selling small cars. But, according to the CEO, Hyundai already discussed this during the development of the new i10.