Hyundai has named a new flagship crossover

Hyundai has named a new flagship crossover

November 9, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

As expected, the new large Hyundai crossover will go on sale under the name Palisade. The company noted that the flagship received its name in honor of a respectable area in California, USA. By the way, the word “palisade” can still be interpreted as “high wall” or “protective obstacle.” SUV makes its debut on November 28 at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

So far, Hyundai has distributed only one image and a short video showing the stern of the car. However, it is already possible to imagine how the Palisade will look: in July, at the exhibition in Korean Busan, the brand showed a concept cross HDC-2 Grandmaster – according to preliminary data, the appearance of the flagship was made based on this prototype.

Characteristics of the model are not disclosed, it is only known that it will be offered with an eight-seater salon. It is assumed that the Palisade is built on a new platform, on which the Kia Telluride crossover is also based. Both SUVs have a transversely located V6 engine, the basic versions are front-wheel drive, all-wheel drive will be available for an extra charge.

In the Hyundai lineup, the new Palisade will obviously replace the Grand Santa Fe crossover. Of the countries in which there will be an eight-seat SUV, in addition to the United States, South Korea is also declared. The cross market should enter the home market before the end of this year, and in the States sales will start in the summer of 2019.