Hyundai has developed the smallest electric car

Hyundai has developed the smallest electric car

October 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Official images of the amazing little car have been posted online.

Hyundai has unveiled the smallest EV in existence. Official images were released on Tuesday, October 27th. The exterior is based on the 45 concept car that was shown in Frankfurt in 2019. The front part has almost completely moved from the concept, and the interesting design of the lamps in miniature looks no less advantageous.

They also decided to leave sharp corners for the mini-electric car. The novelty was painted in a beautiful shade called Performance Blue with an admixture of orange accents. The technical equipment of the car is already known – it was equipped with two miniature electric motors, which can help to develop a speed of 7 km / h.

The driver’s seat is located in the middle of the cab, which makes a small reference to the world of motorsport. One of the main features of the car is its completely environmental friendliness – wood was used to create it.

At the moment, the new product has not yet passed the certification procedure, so nothing can be said about the power reserve.