Hyundai Galloper or the very first car of the brand

Hyundai Galloper or the very first car of the brand

November 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Thanks to a YouTube blogger, we can virtually visit a historic event called Hyundai Heritage Week. In this video, you can see the most iconic models for the company, in particular the Galloper SUV.

Hyundai is celebrating Heritage Week, a patriotic event held from October 27 to November 8, 2020. To mark the occasion, the Korean brand is “looking back in time” and unveiling its first production car and SUV, the Hyundai Pony and Galloper.

YouTube blogger Asian Petrolhead decided to shoot a detailed video of the event at Hyundai MotorStudio.

And, of course, there is no better subject for discussion than the very first cars that started it all for Hyundai.

As mentioned, the Pony is Hyundai’s first production vehicle and also became its first export model. The company hired George Turnbull, the former managing director of British Leyland, to build the car. To accomplish this task, he brought with him five engineers from the same British Leyland: Kenneth Barnett, John Simpson, Edward Chapman, John Crosstwaite and Peter Slater.

The Hyundai Pony is “a mixture of the experience of several talented engineers,” says the blogger. The Saturn engine and transmission were supplied by the Japanese Mitsubishi; some Ford Cortina parts were used and the body was designed by Italdesign Giugiaro.

There is also the Hyundai Galloper, the brand’s first SUV. In fact, this is a renamed first generation Mitsubishi Pajero, almost identical in style and capabilities to the original model. Mitsubishi and Hyundai once had a partnership that officially ended in 2003 when the Japanese company gave up the remainder of its shares.