Hyundai demonstrates Intelligent Cruise Control

Hyundai demonstrates Intelligent Cruise Control

October 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Hyundai Motor Group Corporation, consisting of Hyundai, Kia and Genesis, created the world’s first cruise control to analyze driver behavior.

The new technology is named SCC-ML, which includes Smart Cruise Control (simple cruise control) and Machine Learning (machine learning). This development not only maintains the distance to the vehicle in front and the desired speed, but also analyzes the actions of the driver, on the basis of which she is trained.

For training, the front camera and radar collect information about the nature of the movement, then transfer data to the host computer. After that, the technology with AI analyzes all the information and forms behavioral scenarios on their basis.

 At the same time, the distance to another car, the speed and reaction time to a change in traffic conditions are taken into account. So, the system is capable of generating up to 10,000 patterns. As noted, potentially dangerous scenarios are not saved in SCC-ML.

 For example, a new technology can recognize that a vehicle is moving in a dense city stream, for this reason it reduces the distance to another car, and on the highway with increasing speed, this distance will also increase.

Together with the highway traffic assistant, the SCC-ML system provides the Level 2.5 autonomy level according to SAE classification, that is, this is an improved variation of the standard cruise control.

Hyundai also said earlier that it plans to invest approximately $ 35 billion in automotive technology over the next 6 years.