Hyundai cars will begin to open with a fingerprint

Hyundai cars will begin to open with a fingerprint

December 18, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Using a special sensor, drivers will be able to open and close their vehicles, as well as start the engine. At the same time, the Korean automaker assures that it managed to solve all the problems because of which this well-known technology has so far bypassed the modern auto industry.

The company Hyundai presented a new technology, through which access to the car can be obtained without the traditional key. We are talking about a fingerprint scanner, reports TASS with reference to the official message of the brand. Recall that this system was recently tested on an elongated version of the Santa Fe crossover, shown at the Guangzhou Chinese Auto Show. With this technology, drivers can not only open the doors, but also start the engine.

The system also has a “memory” for individual settings, which each driver of the car selects for itself. For example, the position of the chair or steering wheel, adjustable mirrors. During identification, all these parameters will be applied automatically.

Automakers were not in a hurry to bet on replacing keys with fingerprint scanners due to a number of problems, primarily related to security. In Hyundai report that they were able to solve this problem. According to the automaker, the probability that the system will make a mistake is one in 50 thousand.