Hyundai came up with a completely new approach to car design

Hyundai came up with a completely new approach to car design

January 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Designing a car is a complex and lengthy phase that requires large financial costs, as well as the painstaking process of assembling the prototype. The new Hyundai development promises to increase the speed of creation and reduce production costs. The company intends to transfer the entire process to virtual reality.

The new system was shown at the Hyundai Research Center in Namyang, South Korea. According to company representatives, it improves the efficiency of car development by introducing virtual reality technology. The total cost of creating the system amounted to $ 1.2 million. According to preliminary data, it will reduce the development time of a car by 20% and reduce annual design costs by 15%.

Having put on VR-glasses, designers get into a virtual garage, where with the help of 36 sensors high accuracy of movements is provided. Currently, up to 20 operators can work with the model at the same time. The system has high flexibility and a large number of settings. It allows you to simulate the elements of the external and internal structures, lighting, colors and other characteristics.

For the first time, the platform was used at the evaluation stage of the heavy-duty truck project HDC-6 NEPTUNE Concept Class 8, shown to the general public at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show in October 2019.

An important feature of the technology has become a computer-aided design (CAD) system, which real-time evaluates the quality of work done by operators. In addition, CAD allows you to simulate the operation of individual components of the car, such as doors, trunk lid, hood and wipers.

Hyundai announces plans for a remote connection, when employees from different centers around the world can simultaneously work on the design of the car. In the future, the company plans to introduce virtual technologies on assembly lines, which should increase the quality of car manufacturing and labor efficiency.