Hyundai boosts Ioniq electric car in 2020 increased battery

Hyundai boosts Ioniq electric car in 2020 increased battery

October 21, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Hyundai has officially confirmed information about the intention to increase the stroke of the electric model Ioniq. An updated version will be available in 2020.

Speaking at a recent press conference on a completely new Kona Electric model with a fully electric powerplant. Hyundai’s senior alternative strategy manager Gil Castillo said that the Ioniq Electric 2020 model will be equipped with a larger battery.

“The power reserve of the Ioniq will improve as the model year changes. He will be more. This will be a significant improvement,” – he said.

Unfortunately, there is no detailed information yet, but it can be assumed that the power reserve, in accordance with modern electric cars, is that the battery capacity and the range of a full charge will almost double. The current version is able to overcome about 200 km, and the future will receive about 415 km.

Yet it is unclear whether the updated sedan will become popular, despite the increased battery. Moreover, the sale will be more interesting model Kona Electric. In addition to a larger power reserve, the future model will be a crossover, which is now a significant advantage.

Meanwhile, Hyundai announced the launch of sales of the new Lafesta youth model in the market of the China. Later, the car may appear in other markets.