Hyundai began to create their cars in a 3D virtual portal

Hyundai began to create their cars in a 3D virtual portal

December 18, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

As the company noted, the new solution allows engineers to pre-evaluate certain solutions in the design of the car. For this, several specialized unique applications have been created.

Virtual reality is not widespread in the gaming industry. But 3D virtual space is more and more integrated into technological processes. Several applications were created for Hyundai, which are currently being tested at the company’s central design bureau.

 The press service revealed some details, saying that the use of VR glasses allows engineers to pre-evaluate the quality of the car before starting the test assembly. In virtual reality mode, designers and technicians can see the car in real size.

 Applications simulate a future car with a full-fledged exterior and interior design, as well as with structural elements, some parts of the suspension and chassis, as well as imitate the operation of optics. In addition, you can select different colors, simulate the operation of doors, wipers and other elements.

 Another feature was the possibility of teamwork. Up to 20 people can connect to one virtual “room”. So far, the system is being tested only at the headquarters in South Korea.

According to preliminary estimates, the full implementation of virtual reality will accelerate the development of new models by 20%, as well as reduce the cost of development by 15%.

Meanwhile, the new generation of the compact Hyundai ix25 crossover entered the market at the end of September 2019. The brand had high hopes for the new product, which in reality did not materialize.