Hyundai and Uber presented the concept of a flying electric taxi

Hyundai and Uber presented the concept of a flying electric taxi

January 7, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

As part of the CES-2020 International Consumer Electronics Show, which opened in Las Vegas, Hyundai and Uber have announced a partnership to develop the Uber Air Taxis series for their future air travel network.

At the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), which was launched in Las Vegas, it became known that Hyundai and Uber will unite to offer the world public a flying electric taxi. Hyundai will be responsible for the development and production of aircraft, and Uber, in turn, will deal with related infrastructure: airspace support services, ground transportation connections, as well as special interfaces for customers. Such information appeared on the foreign portal It is noted that Hyundai was the first automobile company to join the concept of the service of “flying taxi” Elevate.

 “Our vision for Urban Air Mobility will change the concept of urban transport,” said Jayvon Sheen, Executive Vice President and Head of Hyundai Urban Air Mobility (UAM).

 He called Uber Elevate “the right partner” to offer customers an innovative product that can revitalize urban communities.

 Hyundai has already developed an aircraft (PAV) with Uber Elevate, dubbed the S-A1. This project used innovative design processes to optimize electric vertical take-off and landing. This all-electric car can be seen at CES. It is able to rise to a height of 300-600 meters, accelerate to 290 km / h and has a “range” of 96 kilometers.

 Initially, the S-A1 will be piloted by humans, but over time it will become completely autonomous. On board this unit will be able to fit four passengers. Also, the concept was equipped with many small rotors to reduce noise compared to helicopters. They plan to launch an air taxi network in the coming years.