Hypercars will replace LMP1 prototypes In 2020

Hypercars will replace LMP1 prototypes In 2020

June 16, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Yesterday before the start of “24 Hours of Le Mans” WEC organizers announced new standards for the construction of the car. Now for the championship, manufacturers will produce a class of machines with the appearance of serial hypercar.

Such cars will have to change the current category of sports prototypes LMP1 by 2020. After it left such giants as Nissan, Audi and Porsche the organizers set out to attract new participants. This should contribute 75% savings, when switching to new technical standards.

To meet GT standards, new cars should be designed for two seats. In comparison with LMP1 the pilot’s seat will be larger, and the windshield is wider. The season will allow the use of only one aerodynamic body kit. And the mass of the stylized prototype is from 980 kg.

For manufacturers will leave a free choice of the motor and use of hybrid systems (200кВт / 270кВт). However, KERS is now only provided for the front axle. According to calculations, new cars will pass a circle on the highway “Le Mans” for 3.20 seconds.

The organizers of the championship are not in a hurry with the name of the class and promise in the near future to provide fans with several options for consideration. The final list of technical standards will be approved in November.