Hypercar Hispano Suiza Carmen will receive an electric motor for 1,000 hp

Hypercar Hispano Suiza Carmen will receive an electric motor for 1,000 hp

March 1, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

All-electric Grand Tourer will be limited to only 19 copies. The car will be unveiled in Geneva on March 5, next to another new Maguari HS1 GTC.

Apparently, Hispano Suiza decided to get out of the “shadow” and loudly declare itself by presenting several models of unique hypercars at once. Earlier we wrote about the Maguari HS1 GTC model, which will be equipped with a highly forced Lamborghini engine, and now the first teaser photos and details of the Hispano Suiza Carmen model appeared.

We are talking about a fully electric hypercar capable of developing up to 1,005 horsepower thanks to a power plant from the Spanish conglomerate Grup Peralada. As representatives of the company described the novelty themselves – this will be the “electric hypercar of the new generation Grand Tourer” Previously, we had already been shown its base – 195 kg monocoque, but now we were shown a part of the car from above, showing the back part with inflated aerodynamic wings.

As the power plant, a twin-engine arrangement is used, transmitting the torque of the two motors to each rear wheel separately. Acceleration to 100 kmh, for sure, will take less than 3 seconds. The total weight of the car will be only 1 690 kg, and the battery will be used as a power source for 80 kW * hours.

In total, the company plans to collect 19 copies of Hispano Suiza Carmen, the cost of which will start from 1.7 million euros